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Welcome!  When you first join us, gain maximum value and benefits from your
Tapping by reading the details of program use and full content.

All Progress Steps become available / active weekly on Sunday morning
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Weight Loss Progress Steps 1 - 7


Sign-In to each week's Progress Step (with live content) by clicking the link below

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When joining the program your first password should arrive by email within 24 hours.




Progress Step 1 - Introduction to EFT's Meridian Tapping - The Door to Releasing the Past & Engaging New Possibilities - How to Get Results



Progress Step 2 - Addressing Your Truth, Rationalizations & Excuses - Changing Inner Habits, Rules & Restrictions - Taking Control of Your Outcomes



Progress Step 3 - Tapping on Cravings & Addictive Urges - How to Effectively  "Crush Your Cravings" - Releasing Inner Resistance to Taking Action



Progress Step 4 – Changing Your Inner Critic - Removing Your Limiting Beliefs - Accepting Positives: I CAN Do This... and it CAN Be Easy!



Progress Step 5 - Releasing Emotionally Driven Eating - Letting Go of Past & Present Negative Emotional Intensities - Filling "the Void"



Progress Step 6 - Changing Emotional Patterns - Finding Your Inner Safety and Healthy Boundaries - A Self-Caring Approach to Forgiveness



Progress Step 7 - Showing Up for Yourself in Multiple Ways - Getting Physical... and Enjoying It! - More Energy, More Movement, More Happiness



If you have any difficulty accessing these pages please email Janice.




Use of EFT-Tapping for Weight Loss Program


EFT Information in this Weight Loss Program:  EFT Tapping videos, Worksheets, Charts, Audios (downloadable), secret Facebook group and weekly BONUS EFT on-line coaching classes.  Each week has Video / Audio files to Tap along with, and each week also has three important pieces which help and empower your Weight Loss progress for your goals:

  • Progress Step Worksheet - Provides information or questions to assist you in thinking over each week’s topic to see if there are appropriate issues for you to address with Tapping.

  • EFT Process Chart – Examples of how to flexibly use these charts for clearing various kinds of issues are provided here. This one chart can be used all through the Progress Steps.  Keeping the completed Process Charts for each week acknowledges progress made.  (You’ll likely note as well, how rapidly issues can resolve once you decide to work with specifics.)

  • EFT My Story Journal – Contains questions and review of the week to give insight into what was easy, as well as what was challenging and could use more Tapping!  This is also a good place to record and review weekly progress.


  • EFT-Tapping for Weight Loss Facebook community – Be sure to give me your Facebook name (with current photo) so I can add you to our private (secret) Facebook group.  If you post questions… you’ll get answers here!

  • EFT-Tapping for Weight Loss Coaching - Please also join in on the weekly on-line bonus classes.  If you can’t attend in person, email your question in.  The EFT Live Coaching recording will be posted in our private Facebook Group, weekly for review or Tap along.

Bonus Resources Page: When you're signed into any Progress Step page the Bonus Resources Page link appears on the right side of the menu bar.  Here you'll find lots of Extra Support, more Tap Along Videos & Audios.


Each of the 7 Progress Steps opens weekly.  We’ll cover many emotions and Tapping topics. When you need a hand you can reach out in our Facebook Group, or by email.



Weight Loss Progress Steps 1 – 7   
          Detailed Program Content


Progress Step 1 - Introduction to EFT Meridian Tapping Videos
                 Opening the Door and Engaging New Possibilities

1-01   Introduction to Tapping - Tapping Points & How Tapping Works

1-02   Set up for Being Specific & Getting Results – Issues & Aspects

1-03   9 Gamut Sequence -  when to Use the Magic Key

1-04   Where to Begin - Mental / Emotional / Physical Tapping Connections

1-05   3 Steps To Using this Program's Tapping Videos Most Effectively

1-06   Addressing Doubts, Limiting Beliefs & Resistance


Progress Step 2 - Tapping to Turn Up Your Body Intelligence
                 and Conscious Awareness of Choice

2-01   Using Physical/ Mental Intelligence to Calm Inner Rationalizations or Excuses

2-02   Releasing My Resistance to Doing What is Good for Me  (+ Checklist)

2-03   Food Control and Freedom – Can I Leave Food or Throw it Out?

2-04   Who’s in Charge? Authority Modelling / Rules & Restrictions

2-05   Releasing Hidden Resistance to ‘Good’ Healthy Foods

2-06   Tapping to Desire more Vibrant Foods and Better Health


Progress Step 3 - Tapping to Eliminate Cravings - Addictive Urges & Habits

3-01   Intro to Cravings, Addictive Urges & Habits

3-02   Tapping to Turn Off Food Cravings - ”Crush Your Cravings” Video

3-03   Drinking Water and Health Balance - Keeping Hydrated!

3-04   Tapping through Alcohol & Social Connections

3-05   Releasing Caffeine - Soft Drinks (soda/pop), tea & coffee

3-06   Tapping in Easy Options - Get What Your Body Really Wants


Progress Step 4 – How Are You Changing Your Inner Critic?
                 Fast Fixes for Limiting Beliefs

4-01   Tapping for Rapidly Changing Your Inner Rulebook

4-02   Eating Only When I’m Hungry – How to STOP Eating on Auto-pilot

4-03   Food Is NOT the Enemy - Savouring Food / Enjoying Every Bite

4-04   Tapping for Change - Transforming My Inner Critic to Inner Support

4-05   Positive Changes - I CAN Do This. and it CAN Be Easy!


Progress Step 5 - Tapping To Release Emotionally Driven Eating
                 Releasing Your Stories and Excuses

5-01   Clarity of Emotional Wants and Needs - Eating Triggers & What’s Missing?

5-02   Empowering New Habits - You Get to Choose!

5-03   Tapping for Stress Relief, Reducing Worry and Anxiety

5-04   Tapping on Boredom, Avoidance, Procrastination, and the Unknown

5-05   Calming Frustration, Irritation and Anger

5-06   Lifting Loneliness, Easing Sadness, and Overwhelm


Progress Step 6 - Inner Safety, Healthy Boundaries &
                 A Better Approach to Forgiveness

6-01   What’s enough? Past & Present Love, Lack & Nurture

6-02   Balance - Healthy Boundaries or People-Pleaser?

6-03   Resolving Fears & Phobias - Experiencing New Freedom

6-04   High Sensitivity - Perception & Emotional Abuse  

6-05   Forgiveness?  Self-Care First.  Forgiveness Later.

6-06   Inappropriate Behaviour, Guilt & Shame - Childhood Abuse

6-07   Welcome New Beginnings with Food and Nurture


Progress Step 7 - Getting Physical – and Enjoying It!
                 More Energy, More Movement, More Happiness

7-01   Getting Active - Starting from Where You Are

7-02   Standing Up for Yourself - the 1 Push-Up Rule

7-03   Persistence - Beginning and Letting Go

7-04   Tapping Visualizations - Turning Up Your Game Results!

7-05   Engaging! – Easily Taking Action

Each week the videos listed above have an accompanying Worksheet PDF. 

In the PDF the information, questions or checklists help you find and clear your issues around food, habits and nurture. Get help resolving hidden programs that will continue to run unnoticed, undermining your weight or health goals, until you Change them!

EFT Tapping Process Charts are designed to help you take care of all the details… making your Tapping more specific, structured, and effective.










Understanding how your brain naturally resists change in your life, can help you to overcome your inner resistance and more easily achieve your goals now.


Contact: Janice Smylie  (403) 710-4443


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Don't ask yourself what the world needs.

Ask yourself what makes you come alive, then go do that,
because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

~ Howard Thurman



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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also known as Meridian Tapping is classified as Energy Psychology.
Clinical studies published in Australia show EFT better in effectiveness for weight loss and eliminating cravings
than Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  CBT was the previous Gold Standard for weight loss.

EFT, developed by Gary Craig in 1995, is still considered 'new' by Western medicine.
Please use EFT / Meridian Tapping / this Tapping program, only if you are
willing and able to be responsible for yourself and your use of EFT.


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