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FAQ about EFT



1. What words do I use when Tapping?  What do I say? 

If you have any challenge or upset with a 1 to 10 intensity, that means something is logically or emotionally out of balance for you.  If everything were the way you wanted it to be, your intensity level would be zero.


Since the intensity belongs to you, it’s very likely that you do know what to say, because you do know what is “wrong”. 


Begin by focusing on the story of what is wrong; this is what you say out loud to Talk and Tap through.  The situation might involve your health, employment, relationships, finance, or lack in those areas.  If you know what the upset or issue is for you, the more you can be specific, the faster the issue will resolve.


Eg.  An issue of “Barry argues with me all the time” is too vague and may have too many story pieces to clear at once.  “Barry argued with me in the grocery store on Tuesday evening”… this story is specific in time and place.  You can expect something this specific to resolve quickly. 


As you Tap, look within the story for why the situation caused you distress… what does the behaviour that you are interpreting as unacceptable mean to you?  Do you see the public disagreement as Unkind? Unfair? Rude?  Disrespectful?  Mean? Controlling? Did you feel angry?  Embarrassed? Afraid your relationship would end?  Say the truth of what you thought and felt about the situation… those are the words to use while Tapping.




2.  How can I use Tapping on my own to get great results?

TAPPING FACT:   Tapping should work like this - As long as you remain focused clearly on the issue with each 2 to 3 rounds of Tapping, your intensity level should drop by at least 2 intensity points or more.   


As your SUD intensity is reduced, ask yourself “What about this issue is still unresolved for me?”  This questioning will help you stay focused on one specific issue, so you get your best, fastest results.  Continue focusing on Tapping to clear whatever remains about the issue, to get to zero intensity.

  • Whenever your SUD intensity does not reduce by 2 points or more with 2-3 rounds of basic Tapping, 9 Gamut is what gets unseen resistance cleared, and basic Tapping working well again.

  • Use 9 Gamut when your intensity is at a 4 or less, if you are unaware of ”what is remaining”.  Sometimes an emotional feeling remains which your conscious mind cannot make sense of without a story attached.  If you feel ‘something’ remains, but you can’t identify what that issue is… use 9 Gamut.


I like to use TALK & TAP in this process:  The Story – The Change – and The Goal

  • The Story - Choose an issue, give it a 1-10 intensity, then Tap through any negatives in the issue first.  (See WHY we tap on the negatives below)

  • The Change - Tap through and acknowledge what you wanted in the story, which in fact you did not get (this calms/validates your inner child’s loss; acknowledging not getting what she/he wanted or needed).  When intensity falls, move your wording toward what you would like now for an outcome.

    The very best Tapping words?   Just say the truth with honesty and conviction. Solution based Tapping can include what you can do, what you’d like others to do, and what you would like to happen next.  This part of Tapping will help you think clearly, so you are empowered to change thoughts, emotions or actions, to make a better plan, and follow through for yourself to a better outcome.)
     Turning off this pain… Letting go of this feeling… Finding a way to resolve this issue…   This part of the Tapping talk is intent and possible actions… it is speaking about what you want, and making sense of how you can get free of what is negative and connected with your goal.  The middle step is resolving any resistance to the issue, then leading you towards your desired outcome.

  • The Goal - End Tapping with your outcome goal, even if part of you believes the goal isn’t possible for you right now. (Your subconscious is always listening, and can help you look for ways to achieve what you desire, perhaps in ways which you haven’t thought of yet!)


When EFT is properly applied over 80% of all issues
achieve either a very noticeable improvement
or a complete cessation of the problem.


~ Gary Craig, Founder of EFT





3.  WHY say negatives?  Won’t talking in negatives just draw more negatives?

Tapping on the negatives you think or remember, is neutralizing those negatives.   As you speak and Tap, the Tapping is calming (Tapping calms the Amygdala which calms your body’s fight and flight reaction) the mental and emotional intensity of whatever you are focused upon… clearing it, so it doesn’t keep popping up later. 


You can cover your eyes and chant “There are no weeds, there are no weeds in the garden…” but that will not make what you are saying true, no matter how many times to say it, if there are weeds in the garden.   (Your weeds could be anger, loss, grief, unfairness, fear, abuse, victimhood, powerlessness, people pleasing… etc.)


It just makes sense to always start with the negative of the issue you want to clear or change, first.  If you try to pouring all positives into a vessel which is already full or partly full of negatives, the results will be minimized. When you Tap to clear negatives first, it’s like emptying and washing the tea cup before you pour in fresh new tea.  Pouring fresh new tea into the dregs of last week’s tea, with a little sour milk still in the bottom, just doesn’t make sense. 


4.  What are “tail-enders”?   Why are they valuable?
When we say something to ourselves which an inner part of us does not believe it true, or possible, we hit inner resistance.   Starting to Tap by saying only positives with your conscious mind may trigger your subconscious mind to speak up in denial.  Your inner voice will say, “That’s not true”,  “You’ll never get that…”, “You haven’t earned that yet..” if, according to your previous knowledge,  experience, or belief, what you are saying isn’t possible for you.  These thoughts or inner voice resistances are called ‘tail-enders” and can show you some of your limiting beliefs, which you can then Tap to clear.  




5. Are there “right words” to say when Tapping?

The “right words” are whatever is true for you in the moment. Keep it simple. 

If you’re a logical thinker, and you’re aware of the situation you are addressing… speak aloud about that situation and what is unhappy or unresolved about that issue.
Eg: “I am feeling so frustrated with this sharp pain in my left knee”.


If you’re an emotional person, and you’re feeling uncomfortable but don’t know why, then Tap on the feeling of discomfort.  How does that emotion feel in your body?  Is your stomach upset… or are your neck and shoulders tight? Describe the feeling and where the feeling is inside your body, to reduce the feeling’s intensity. 


Ask yourself “What triggered this emotion/ physical feeling?”  If/when you get an insight, look for how the answer you receive could be linked to the emotion or pain in your body.  Be as specific as possible, and Tap while talking aloud through the story of the emotion or pain.  




6. What if I can’t remember the Tapping sequence?

Tap on the points shown in the FREE Downloads:  EFT Tapping  &  9 Gamut Chart


If you’re Tapping and suddenly realize that you stopped Tapping while lost in a thought… even if you don’t remember which acupressure point you Tapped on last… it doesn’t matter.  Just choose a spot and continue Tapping.  The Tapping sequence will continue to work, even if you skip a Tapping point by accident, once in a while.


Just like riding a bicycle, you’ll benefit from “muscle memory” when you make Tapping a habit.  When Tapping becomes familiar, Tapping feels natural, and you’ll feel relaxed even more rapidly when you do Tap.



7. Is it essential that I tap every point?

It’s OK to miss a tapping point now and then.  However, each meridian has a different emotional connection, so there is a benefit to Tapping though the full range of Tapping points… it provides a broader clearing of the emotions or situations.



We sometimes forget how wonderful we are as beings

& how powerful important our choices are
whenever we face challenges...

All the knowledge we need - is already inside us

We know what the right thing to do is

we just need to remember

and take action



8.  What is SUD?   How do I choose my 1-10 SUD intensity?

SUD is terminology used in Hospital Emergency Departments.  SUD is a 1 to 10 intensity scale for Subjective Units of Distress.  Zero is no intensity.  A 10 is intensity so high it might involve tears, or yelling, or extreme physical or emotional pain.


Think about the issue at hand, just think of the issue and imagine a score that is related to your experience.   If you’re very analytical you might feel unable to choose a number, unless you have more information, but just choose the first number you think of in regard to intensity around this issue. 


Subjective units of Distress can also be used for a 1-10 intensity of how far you are out of alignment with believing you are able to do a task or chore which is important towards achieving your personal goals.  


It’s OK to just Tap without a 1-10 intensity rating if you are an emotion based person.  You may prefer to simply check in with yourself, and notice when the feeling state begins to change for you.  However, be aware that if you skip using a specific SUD and you skip being specific regarding issues you are Tapping to clear, issues may not be fully cleared, and could return if triggered by new ‘similar feeling’ situations.


Being specific about clearing issues one at a time to zero will get you the more permanent emotional ‘releases’ that are known to be beneficial with Tapping.  SUD is a great way to assess progress, along with the importance of focusing on the core of an issue and continuing Tapping to zero intensity.



9. What if my SUD score (1-10 Intensity level) doesn’t reduce?

There are a number of reasons why a SUD score might remain the same:

  • You’re dehydrated. (Your neural pathways need hydration to work effectively.)

  • You might need to tune into, or focus on the heart of the problem more closely.  If you have a big issue, think of the parts most important to you, then break them down into smaller (2 to 3 minute) pieces to Tap through.  Keeping focused on clearing small pieces one at a time, if how issues get cleared to zero for you!

  • Part of your mind (your subconscious mind) might be resisting looking clearly at the issue to resolve, thinking that it is protecting you from harm.

  • Your mind might think EFT can’t work that fast, so it ignores or minimizes the change experienced.  (This falls in the category of doubts / limiting beliefs, and these should be addressed at the beginning of any Tapping session/ or new Tapping topic.)

  • You might be in avoidance or procrastination, where your subconscious is actively “protecting you” from addressing and dealing with a serious issue.  Issues can have many layers, getting professional EFT support for the clearing of sensitive or traumatic memories, including PTSD, can be very helpful.

  • USE 9 GAMUT!  9 Gamut is the Magic Key that gets EFT’s basic Tapping sequence working again when Tapping appears stuck (when your SUD remains the same).


A University Clinical Study made in Australia found
EFT results of 16 lbs. weight loss in 8 weeks

EFT outperformed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
which has been the Gold Standard to date
for eliminating cravings and
increasing weight loss




10. Why is 9 Gamut Tapping sequence SO important?

Tapping should work like this:  As long as you remain focused clearly on the issue with each 2 to 3 rounds of Tapping, your intensity level should drop by at least 2 intensity points or more.   As your SUD intensity is reduced, ask yourself, “What about this issue is still unresolved for me?”  This questioning will help you stay focused, so you get your best results.  Continue focusing on Tapping to clear whatever remains about the issue, to get to zero intensity.

  • Whenever your SUD intensity does not reduce by 2 points or more with basic Tapping, 9 Gamut is what gets unseen resistance cleared, and basic Tapping working well again.

  • Use 9 Gamut when your intensity is at a 4 or less, if you are unaware of, "what is remaining".  Sometimes an emotional feeling remains which your conscious mind cannot make sense of without a story attached.  If you feel ‘something’ remains, but you can’t identify what that issue is… use 9 Gamut.

  • 9 Gamut helps to clear old trauma of which the conscious mind often is not aware… so use it whenever you are “stuck”.  9 Gamut is always used in clearing PTSD.

  • When we experience anxiety, grief, chronic pain, being powerless (ruminating in the past), depression, or fears and phobias, these are considered “Broad” issues.  Broad issues have many component parts, sometimes so many, we can feel overwhelmed.  If you or your client are dealing with a broad issue you can benefit by beginning your Tapping with 9 Gamut sequence.  9 Gamut can release trauma and help lower the overall intensity of a broad issue.  When intensities lower, it’s easier to feel more in control, more able to think clearly, and then stay focused on clearing specifics with basic Tapping.




FAQ - Clinical Hypnotherapy & Habitual Behaviours



1. How much free will do I have – how much power is there in my automatic habitual programming?

In physical reality you are using only a small percentage of your brain’s capabilities. Your conscious mind makes choices and course changes in your day, using about 10% to 15% of your brain’s function. It is your subconscious mind (85% – 90%) that is your invincible powerhouse. 


This 85% is where you naturally, easily and automatically do the actions which support confirmation of what you already believe to be true (what you know and are familiar with) without stopping to question yourself. 

Insanity is doing the same things over and over
 while expecting a different result.

Albert Einstein




2. When I finally see my goal in sight, why do I sabotage my successes?

Your subconscious returns you again and again to the old programming that is within your ‘comfort zone’, based on your early childhood observations and beliefs.  As an adult, even if you clearly see your old programming as negative, no longer valid, or not helpful to you - the old programming inside you remains constantly running. 


You have the power to neutralize or re-write over your old limitations with EFT/ Meridian Tapping, but it requires two steps.   Self-sabotage can be permanently transformed with the application of the two following steps… this is where you can use YOUR always present power of choice:

1.  Decide what it is that you DO want, and own that choice for yourself.  Believe your goal is possible for you!  Imagine the feelings in your body of owning doing it, being it, or having your goal.  What emotions do you feel when you’ve succeeded?

2.  Take action to activate the newer and happier programming belief for yourself, in your neural circuitry.  To change a passing thought into a solid belief which you can easily take action upon, Talk & Tap yourself through the visualization of enjoying owning (already having) your goal until it feels good, and true to you. 


Tap through any resistance you think or feel as you visualize, so your conscious choice and subconscious programming come into alignment.  How much could your goal achievements increase when you intentionally bring all of you, 100% of your resources, into alignment…  intent on achieving only the same beneficial outcomes for you?  


3. Why are ‘comfort zones’ so hard to change?

Einstein said one of the most important determinations you will make is whether or not you see the world as a safe place.  Long before you were able to speak to articulate thoughts and feelings, you were absorbing all the information around you as factual.  Your childhood beliefs, which support or sabotage your actions in your adult life right now, were set in place before you were seven years old.

Any new wishes, ideas or beliefs you would like to include in your life right now, are seen as ‘temporary’ thoughts by your subconscious mind.  Old and often limiting beliefs which you may not even consciously remember, are the true cornerstones of your ‘comfort zones’. 


How your family dealt with money, and relationships are part of what you know, and what you think you can expect.  This inner knowledge and expectation is how a person from a home with childhood rage or violence may find herself in a relationship with rage or violence as an adult.   A woman would never consciously choose a dysfunctional violent relationship for herself, but those behaviours are something she knows and is familiar with.  The level of dysfunction in her childhood relationships may even have led her to believe that poor treatment is all she deserves. 


Your comfort zone is what you know… what feels ‘normal’ to you,  it might feel safe to you, even if it does not support your growth,  and any kind of present or future happiness!  The first step in expanding your comfort zone is to recognize its limitations… then begin releasing the unhelpful modeling or old emotional ties which keep us in a mental or emotional place of limitation.   Tapping has an amazing capacity to help you let go of the past, if it is your intention to change yourself or your situation.



4. What are examples of your limiting beliefs?

What was said around you, or to you before the age of seven?  What beliefs did your parents/family hold?  What did life feel like then?  Are your beliefs helpful ones which assist you through life’s daily challenges and make your life really worthwhile?

  • If you were told you were too slow, or stupid, you may have chosen to avoid academic challenges.

  • If you felt unloved, you may still be repeating relationships that continue to leave you feeling unloved or abandoned.

  • If you were abused physically or emotionally, you may never have learned how to love and care for yourself in a healthy and balanced way, leaving all your adult relationships to suffer.

  • If you lived in a permanent state of ‘lack’ - not enough money, security, or  emotional support - your thought processes recognize ‘lack’ as your comfort zone, carrying those early beliefs forward to colour your future.

Releasing your limiting beliefs can change your world.


What your subconscious mind believes
is the difference between success and failure,
 sickness and health,  happiness & unhappiness.

If you change your mind
you can live happily ever after.


~ Charles Tebbetts





5. Can the intentional repetition of new positives really change my future?

Yes.  Absolutely.  As an adult your limiting beliefs run on and on in your subconscious mind, just like a computer program which loops, without end.  You literally can choose to create a new ‘program’ with wonderful benefits for you, to input. 


Repeating any belief statement until it is accepted and recorded in your subconscious mind will create an active new program inside you.  Activating a new program, which then runs automatically for you, only takes 14 to 30 days of ‘homework’ with self-hypnosis.   However, my experience when using EFT’s Meridian Tapping reduced that time frame for noticeable change to 10-14 days.  


Two weeks to change your life outcomes is pretty outstanding!

Building in the new and beneficial programming can be an easy guided visualization, a detailed list of affirmations (filled with gratitude and enthusiasm)… you can refine your words and intent to match whatever supports your goals!   Measure and empower your results by keeping track on a calendar. 


The repetition of feeling the emotional benefit of a desired belief/outcome, can be a strong connection in changing a newly learned piece of information into one of your building blocks of belief;  a strength from which you operate your life, easily and automatically, as habitual programming.



6. Does Hypnosis/Guided Visualization always work?

Yes, IF your subconscious mind agrees that your new beliefs/choices are a good idea for you to acquire: AND if you repeat your new ‘programming’ regularly for 10-14 day with Tapping or 14-30 days with self-hypnosis.

New programming CAN be accepted by your subconscious mind… provided your wish is not viewed as dangerous to your well-being, or outside the possibility of your life path.  Your self-protection programs are always running… but they can be altered, or updated at any time!  Tapping helps us get past the limitations of the sub-conscious mind’s resistance to change, and to expand our ‘safety zone’.  When you negotiate with your subconscious mind in Hypnosis or with EFT – YOU GET RESULTS!


Helpful Fact: Your subconscious mind and cellular memory DOES know the limiting beliefs and core issues you hold, even if your conscious mind does not.  There are a number of ways to use wording in EFT or in hypnosis which can assist you in achieving your goals… depending on your individual way of seeing the world.

7. What is cellular memory, and why is it important?

Cellular memory is why your body is such an amazing healing machine.  When you were born, you knew how to heal yourself.  No one taught you.  You could heal a cut, or mend a broken bone.  Stitches or a cast do not cause healing to begin – your healing response is part of your cellular memory.  Reproduction of perfect cells, and your body’s most healthy state, is in your cellular memory. 


8. How does my subconscious control my body’s health?

Like a powerful master computer,  your subconscious mind runs all of your automatic functioning: walking, talking, thought patterns, memory access, co-ordination, breathing, heart rhythm, blood pressure, blink rate, hair growth, body temperature, sleeping cycle, and every other tiny detail of your bodily functions, down to the chemicals your brain produces, when and how your cells reproduce, and so much more!   Using EFT and guided visualization can lower your stress, help you to sleep better, and change your life outcomes… sometimes in surprising ways!



EFT doesn’t do everything for everyone,
yet what it does do may astound you!


~ Gary Craig, Founder of EFT





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Don't ask yourself what the world needs.

Ask yourself what makes you come alive, then go do that,
because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

~ Howard Thurman



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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also known as Meridian Tapping is classified as Energy Psychology.
Clinical studies published in Australia show EFT better in effectiveness for weight loss and eliminating cravings
than Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  CBT was the previous Gold Standard for weight loss.

EFT, developed by Gary Craig in 1995, is still considered 'new' by Western medicine.
Please use EFT / Meridian Tapping / this Tapping program, only if you are
willing and able to be responsible for yourself and your use of EFT.


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