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Within the EFT-Tapping for Weight Loss Program’s steps are many of the emotional clearing points which can support you.  You'll be clearing your own stories and re-balancing or uplifting your life beliefs about yourself and the possibilities of what you can now achieve.


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Please call to confirm date and time availability for appointments before paying for Private EFT Coaching.

Private Coaching is offered to Janice's EFT Group Members at a reduced cost... the regular cost of Private Sessions is $125/hour

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Having a focus or desired outcome in mind will help you get faster results

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Private Coaching 5 Hours / $450          ($90 per hour)

Clarify and release a family dynamic leading to an undermining belief or emotion

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Private Coaching 10 Hours / $800          ($80 per hour)

Get support inputting new habits while replacing unhelpful habitual behaviours

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The Sub-Conscious Mind - Safety, Self-protection and Memory Blanks


Memories are stored in the subconscious mind, and one main purpose of the subconscious mind is to keep you safe.  When Tapping on your own to clear old issues, it can sometimes appear you’re not getting the full release you desire or expect.  Why?  The subconscious mind may avoid reviewing any problem it considers might be too upsetting for you to re-experience. 


At times the subconscious “looks away”, actively distracting you from going deeper to clear a core issue… it may even “blank out” memories for your self-protection.  Tapping can help release the upset around “memory blanks” in regard to what you fear might have been possible, or the inner stories and feelings you experience when you consider both what is known and unknown about those situations.



Procrastination and Avoidance regarding Self-Care / Self-Nurture


There are many issues which connect with weight, body confidence and self-esteem.  What have you seen modelled?  What did your family expect of you?


When you have survived stressful, upsetting, emotionally intense or even traumatic events… the subconscious mind may believe that it is being helpful in avoiding emotional upset for you by engaging in avoidance or procrastination behaviours. 


Avoidance and procrastination can qualify as active self-sabotage if they involve lying to yourself by minimizing the importance of your emotional and physical well-being, or if they undermine your ability to speak up and take action toward achieving your current wishes and goals… including weight loss.


Your successes will increase more easily if you look for and disable any invisible emotional drivers of your self-sabotaging behaviour patterns.  Negative or limiting beliefs can actively stop you from reaching your goals. You can choose to neutralize negative stories and unhelpful inner beliefs, with as much support as you need.  The more you clear old issues, the more a feeling of freedom will become part of your day, every day.


It is easy for you to repeat thought loops, because you think the way you think (as we all do!).  The 7 Progress Steps are intended to strengthen your inner resources, a step at a time.  You’ll have the opportunity to clear issues you might not even have been aware were messing with your outcomes!  Using EFT can bring in a new sense of direction, clarity, or self-empowerment. 


If you need a little more support and direction for faster benefits… I’m here for you. 










When you haven’t been able to really succeed

in your weight & life goals - Stop Waiting! 

Take Action!

In Tapping Progress Steps…

you’ll get clarity and begin to feel differently.

Imagine engaging with your life in a whole new way!

What the world needs more of is good people

who are engaged & happy to be alive!

~ Janice Smylie



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Don't ask yourself what the world needs.

Ask yourself what makes you come alive, then go do that,
because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

~ Howard Thurman



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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) also known as Meridian Tapping is classified as Energy Psychology.
Clinical studies published in Australia show EFT better in effectiveness for weight loss and eliminating cravings
than Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  CBT was the previous Gold Standard for weight loss.

EFT, developed by Gary Craig in 1995, is still considered 'new' by Western medicine.
Please use EFT / Meridian Tapping / this Tapping program, only if you are
willing and able to be responsible for yourself and your use of EFT.


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